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Toni morrison Nobel Prize lecture 1993 Toni morrison Nobel Prize lecture 1993 Toni morrison Nobel Prize lecture 1993

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Toni Morrison's Nobel Lecture

Nobel Prize in Literature 1993

“The conventional wisdom of the Tower of Babel story is that the collapse was a misfortune. That it was the distraction, or the weight of many languages that precipitated the tower's failed architecture. That one monolithic language would have expedited the building and heaven would have been reached. Whose heaven, she wonders? And what kind? Perhaps the achievement of Paradise was premature, a little hasty if no one could take the time to understand other languages, other views, other narratives period. Had they, the heaven they imagined might have been found at their feet.”

Poetic and evocative, Toni Morrison's lecture is a testament to the power of language and a salient reminder to future generations to wield such power responsibly. She urges us to acknowledge the enduring influence of the past and cautions us against the misuse of language. Through vivid prose brimming with allegory, Morrison's message is ultimately one of hope and the promise of different narratives to bring us all together.

Toni Morrison is a literary artist of the first rank. She delves into the language itself, a language she wants to liberate from the fetters of race. And she addresses us with the lustre of poetry.
Professor Professor Sture Allén, Permanent Secretary of the Swedish Academy 1986-1999

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Abigail Rorer of The Lone Oak Press has once again produced stunning engravings for the Nobel Lectures series. This volume features a frontispiece portrait of Toni Morrison along with a beautiful bird motif.

The quarter-bound books are covered in batik cloth, handmade by members of the Global Mamas cooperative.


This book is published as a signed edition of 176 slip cased books, printed on Zerkall mould made paper with deckled edges.

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Only 26 copies of this book (lettered A-Z) are available and enclosed in a velvet-lined slip case to help protect the leather - signed by the author.

Price: £500

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