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Follow Me

Terhi Hursti - Finland

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Terhi felt the call of the story so strong hence her title "Follow Me" - the invitation beckons you to follow the author "behind the doors" on the solander case and into the secret of the story where the bear is waiting for you to join him in his quest. Black and red reindeer leather have been used to follow her forms and shapes and the three dimensional image of the bears' head on the front of the book brings the story alive.

Price: £2000

Technical specification

Trim size: 250 x 340mm portrait
Extent: 48pp
Engravers: Andy English, Chris Daunt & Harry Brockway
Designer (text): Jo Hilton
Typesetting: Jo Hilton
Typeface(s): Adobe Caslon
Origination, Repro: Artwork prepared by Hurtwood and 16g zinc plates made by Alpha Engraving
Print process: Letterpress
Printer: Hand & Eye Letterpress
Bound, finished by: Terhi Hursti
Text paper: Ruscombe Hand Made approx 130g
Paper supplier: Ruscombe Paper Mill
Encased in a Solander Box


Designers information

Terhi Hursti
Designer Book Binder