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A.S. Byatt - Possession - Volume VIII First Chapter Series 150 hand bound copies Proceeds go towards children affected by HIV/AIDS

First Chapter Series ® Volume VIII

A.S. Byatt - Possession

Artwork by David Royle

“Possession is a tour de force that opens every narrative device of English fiction to inspection without, for a moment, ceasing to delight”.
The New York Times Book Review

Winner of the 1990 Booker Prize, A.S. Byatt's Possession forms Volume VIII in the First Chapter Series. The book starts with academic Roland Michell discovering two mysterious handwritten letters in a Victorian poetry book. Realising they are written by the poet, he is overtaken by impulse and steals them. His subsequent investigation into their significance will uncover a complex web of passion, deceit and tragedy, and transform his own life and relationships.

All Byatt’s outstanding literary dexterity and skill are revealed in this novel, which beautifully juxtaposes past and present using a breathtaking array of styles and techniques. Our signed edition features spectacular artwork by David Royle, which draws on themes of mystery and power within the book. This artist was commissioned by the author herself, who states:

“David Royle's visually stunning image falls from the pages of this hand bound edition like Randolph Henry Ash's secret love letters from his dusty notebook. Royle is an artist who does impeccably bright and strange things with colour and perspective and creates paintings which are brilliant and subtle”.
A.S. Byatt

Image of the book Possession and print


Volume VIII in the First Chapter Series® consists of 150 individually numbered hand bound copies signed by A.S. Byatt and featuring a dramatic image by David Royle. The book is presented in a matching handmade slip case.

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The Deluxe edition features 150 copies signed by the author with contrasting endpapers. They are numbered 1 to 150.

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The First Chapter Series® of Booker Prize-winning novels is available to buy as a deluxe set limited to 150 copies. The set comprises individually numbered copies of all ten volumes, signed by the author to the title page and hand bound in cloth. Each volume includes signed artwork* enclosed with the book in a matching hand made slip case and cassette. View set

*Please note the following exceptions: Volumes V and X do not come with separate signed artwork; artwork for Volume VIII is unsigned.

Deluxe set of ten books: ₤1500

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All books from Oak Tree Fine Press are dedicated to children made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS.

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